My stocks

Your clients connected DMA to markets. White label trading platform installed in your servers, with your corporate image, and apps with your name, logo and colors in the stores.

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The core system for your financial institution. Workflow based, counter part auditing and full compliance system.

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Fully responsive e-banking site connected to your core system.

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Robotic advisoring with automatic tax-intelligent, template, scope and incomes driven allocation.

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The software for your firm
From order processing to matching engine

From roboadvisoring to DMA.

Easy Account

Open an account in minutes using an iPad. The app will capture signature, scan documents and take pictures of ID card. No data remains on the iPad, as everything is saved directly to the server.

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Social trading

Get social trading with the most powerful tool ever. Portfolio copying and portfolio risk analysis for a net wide amplification of trading.

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Get the best indicators for your advisors performance. Portfolio and fees analisys from ground up.

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Matching engine

Negotiation system for self intra-negotiation system and stock exchanges.

My Stocks

White label trading omnichannel platform.

In your own language: Spanish and English

Installed in your own servers

Connected to your core

FIX routing to any market

With your corporate image, logos and colors

Apps at your name in stores


Your clients connected real time to markets




Interactive wall

Online help


Chart analysis

Routes and data belongs 100% to you

Web platform

User friendly, with no need to download anything


Native iOS and Android apps



Google Glass

Smart watch Android

Apple watch

Perfectly designed

The best white label solution for giving direct market access to your clients.

Download My Stocks PDF


Wealth management core system software.

Installed in your own servers
Adapted to your corporate image

Full web

Workflow based system

100% auditable

Counterparty control

Compliance monitoring

Connection with settlement

Connection with execution systems

Broker dealers
Wealth management
Private banking

Responsive web.

Accountabilty, Execution and Compliance

Financial advisors

Trading floor




Download Brokerware Core PDF

The core for tomorrow finance, including the ebanking site and the indie advisor performance analysis.


Web responsive e-banking site for your clients.

Real time with your core

Adapts to any device


Download E-Banking PDF

Customized sections


Real time portfolio

Cash management

Market data

Account data


Password change


Roboadvisor and roboallocator.

Calypso as Allocator - rebalancing tool

Manage thousands of accounts using a couple of templates. dashboard Download Calypso PDF

In your own language:
Spanish and English

Automatic rebalance

Client profiling

Plan picker

Goal oriented

Tax efficient


Complete Backoffice

Decide over thousand portfolios using our portfolio builder, risk assessment and portfolio-investment-risk allocation.


Web responsive front-end platform

User friendly, with no need to download anything.

Your client sets up goals and chooses a plan.

Easy Account

Open a full account in minutes.

Installed in your own servers
Adapted to your corporate image and forms

Native iPad controls

Signed directly

Consistency controls

Sealed by certification

Compliance online monitoring

Connection with core system

Sign directly over the iPad glass
Capture ID and photo
Scan documents

Use your iPad, privately distributed app.

Easy, Attractive and Safe

Account opening process X10 faster

Backoffice load X10 less

Compliance processing X10 faster

Management and control of every opened account

Download Easy Account PDF

No data remains in the iPad, as everything is saved directly to your own server.

Social Trading

The most social trading tool.

Your clients get social

Portfolio copy. dashboard Download Social Trading PDF

In your own language:
Spanish and English

White label

Running in your server

Connected to your core

Automatic routing

Risk assessment on copy

Native tablet, phone and watch app






People Watchlist


Online help

Charts and fundamentals

Risk assessment




Your partner for advisor and client analysis.

Browse over advisor and portfolio data

Installed in your own servers

Connected to your core

Full account details

Advisors performance

Account performance and distribution


From main indicators to low level data

Manage thousands of accounts, drill down over data. dashboard Download Indie PDF

In your own language:
Spanish and English

Historic net worth and balance

Client profile

Fees analysis

Full assets under management analysis

Performance and attribution


Extensive account and advisor performance analysis

With Indie, your firm will get a full analysis tool, perfect for advisors. In a glance, an advisor can split accounts by several indexes and easily find data and indicators about advisor's and account's performance.

Full account data

With Indie, you get a full picture of every account. Starting from every in and out, full top analysis like portfolio performance or performance attribution, and going through client communication and complete balance.

Full advisor data

Where is your money coming from?

What is the risk distribution of your clients?

What is the performance of your clients among assets classes and portfolio types?

Which accounts are overperforming and which ones are underperforming?

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